The complete Sly and the Family Stone & George Clinton illustrated discographies available in two collector books !

Please welcome : The complete illustrated discographies of Sly and the Family Stone and George Clinton and P-Funk ! Marcel Visser and twin brothers Arno and Edwin Konings came up with vast pictorial career overviews including album jackets, picture sleeves and record labels, plus an extensive discography. This resulted in two books published by BBNC in association with The Music Book Collector.

Reaching 168 pages, the first 1000 copies of the Sly and The Family Stone book will also contain a rare 45 single of The Stewart four, « On the Battlefield B/w Walking in Jesus Name ( Church of god 101, 1952), Sly’s first record which only 50 to 100 where originally pressed.  The George Clinton book covers the entire discography of George Clinton and the entire P-Funk Family. It is a complete career overview, from the first doo-wop recordings of the Parliaments right up to the most recent releases of 2013. Beside the mainstays Parliament and Funkadelic, each members solo work is covered. Fully illustrated with a plethora of vinyl, compact discs, photos and posters, it’s 192 pages of Pure Funk; a unique collection covered in a single book, eagerly awaited by P-Funk fans all over the globe.

Those books will be soon available at, and already through our web shop for european readers.

Sly and the Family Stone, George Clinton & P-Funk (BBNC/Music Book Collector). 168 and 192 pages. Hardcover. Size : 25 x 25cm. Language:  English. Price : 45 € (including European shipping. For world shipping, visit our shop)


« Yo,  this is George “Dr. Funkenstein” Clinton and I’m telling you that Marcel and The Twins are probably the best P-Funk historians that I have met over the years. Check out this book ». George Clinton






Sly Stone: « I love these twins. I got some twins in Holland, in Amsterdam. I call them my twins. They are working on a book…..right from the beginning. From the days of the Stewart Four untill now. Check out this book. »