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Steve Parks : Movin’ In The Right Direction réédité en CD collector au Japon

Le 8 août, les Japonais rééditeront l’unique album de Steve Parks ainsi que des sessions inédites, déjà publiées en 1998 sur le label anglais Westside mais introuvables, aujourd’hui, à un prix raisonnable. Cette nouvelle édition sortira en série limitée au format Mini Lp Paper Sleeve. Vous pouvez la pré-commander directement chez CDJapan en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous :

Movin’ In The Right Direction [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] / Steve Parks

1. All In A Day
2. Just Ask Me
3. Everything’s Gonna Be OK
4. Don’t Stop Now
5. Sadness In My Samba
6. Medley: Under The Boardwalk/I’ve Got Sand In My Shoes (Kenny Young, Arthur Resnick)
7. Movin’ In The Right Direction
8. The One Who Really Loves You (Smokey Robinson)
9. The Golden Key/Tag
10. You Make It Easy For Me
11. Look In Your Eyes
12. Shimmy And Jive
13. Wrong Decision
14. Stop! Drop Everything
15. Wonderful
16. Should’ve Been Wishing (Instead Of Dreaming)
17. I Hope Your Dreams Come True
18. You Excite Me
19. Island So Far Away

Tracks 01 to 09: Originally released as “Movin’ In The Right Direction” (Solid Smoke SS-8012)
Tracks 10 to 19: Demos for an intended/unreleased second album “Shimmy And Jive”

All sections written by Steve Parks except as indicated
Produced by Joe Tatantino and Steve Parks

Steve Parks: All vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitars: Mark Zannini, Joyce Cooling, Bob Castel-Blanche and Skip Moy
Piano: Karl Young
Drums: Kevin Hayes
Percussion: Carlos Alvarez
Bass: Gary Bolden (on “All In A Day”)
Horns: Tim Acosta, John Bamont, Melecio Magdaluyo and Wayne Wallace
Woodwinds: Steve Marshall and Steve Osibin
Horn and flute arrangements by Karl Young