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L’intégrale RCA de Wilson Pickett en septembre

Si Wilson Pickett, un des plus célèbres screamers de la soul music, est généralement associé à ses enregistrements pour Atlantic Records dans les années 1960, son passage chez RCA entre 1973 et 1975 est largement moins documenté. Le 18 septembre, le label Real Gone Music publiera Mr. Magic Man–The Complete RCA Studio Recordings, un coffret 2-CDs regroupant les albums Mr. Magic Man (1973), Miz Lena’s Boy (1973), Pickett in the Pocket (1974) et Join Me and Let’s Be Free (1975).

42 titres (dont quatre plages uniquement parues en single) et 148 minutes de musique remasterisée constitueront un ensemble qui s’annonce wickedly good !

TracklistingWilson Pickett Magic Man


Mr. Magic Man (1973)

1. Mr. Magic Man

2. Only I Can Sing This Song

3. Love Is Beautiful

4. I Sho’ Love You

5. Baby Man

6. Sin Was the Blame

7. What It Is

8. If You Need Me

9. I Can’t Let My True Love Slip Away

10. I Keep Walking Straight Ahead


Miz Lena’s Boy (1973)

11. Take a Closer Look at the Woman You’re With

12. Memphis, Tennessee

13. Soft Soul Boogie Woogie

14. Help Me Make It Through the Night

15. Never My Love

16. You Lay’d It On Me

17. Is Your Love Life Better

18. Two Women and a Wife

19. Why Don’t You Make Up Your Mind

20. Take The Pollution Out of Your Throat

21. Take A Closer Look at the Woman You’re With (Mono Promo Version)

22. Soft Soul Boogie Woogie (Mono Promo Version)



Pickett in the Pocket (1974)

1. Iron It Out

2. Isn’t That So

3. Take A Look

4. I Was Too Nice

5. Don’t Pass Me By

6. What Good Is a Lie

7. Young Boy Blues

8. Take Your Pleasure Where You Can Find It

9. You’re the One


Join Me and Let’s Be Free (1975)

10. Join Me & Let’s Be Free

11. Let’s Make Love Right

12. I’ve Got a Good Friend

13. Smokin’ In the United Nations

14. Gone

15. Good Things

16. Higher Consciousness

17. Bailin’ Hay on a Rainy Day

18. Mighty Mouth

19. Isn’t That So (Mono Promo Version)

20. Take Your Pleasure Where You Can Find It (Mono Promo Version)


Thanks François G !