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Les 50 ans de Philadelphia International Records dans un coffret CD/vinyle

Le label United Souls, en partenariat avec Sony Legacy Recordings, célébrera au printemps le 50ème anniversaire de Philadelphia International Records dans un coffret 8CD/45-tours intitulé Get On Board The Soul Train – The Sound Of Philadelphia International Records Vol 1.

cover_600-480x480Ce premier volume en tirage limité regroupe les huit premiers albums publiés par le label phare du Philly Sound entre 1971 et 1973. Sont proposés en versions remasterisées à partir des bandes analogiques d’origine les albums de Billy Paul (Going East, 360 Degrees of Billy Paul et Ebony Woman), Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes (I Miss You), The O’Jays (Back Stabbers), Dick Jensen (Dick Jensen), The Intruders (Save the Children) et MFSB (MFSB).

Ces 8 CDs sont accompagnés d’un livret de 48 pages, d’un poster et d’un 45-tours du fameux single des O’Jays “Backstabbers“.

Get On Board The Soul Train: The Sound of Philadelphia International Records Vol 1
paraîtra le 28 mai – tirage limité à 2500 exemplaires.

Tracklisting :

CD 1: Billy Paul – Going East

East [06:21]
small_phil_one (If You Let Me Make Love To You Then) Why Can`t I Touch You? [02:42]
This Is Your Life [04:16]
Jesus Boy (You Only Look Like A Man) [04:17]
Magic Carpet Ride [05:19]
I Wish It Were Yesterday [03:50]
Compared To What [05:20]
Love Buddies [03:39]
There`s A Small Hotel [04:27]

CD 2: Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – I Miss You

I Miss You [08:36]
Ebony Woman [03:40]
Yesterday I Had the Blues [07:32]
If You Don`t Know Me By Now [03:26]
Be For Real [07:29]
Let Me Into Your World [02:40]
Let It Be You [03:32]

CD 3: The O’Jays – Back Stabbers

When the World`s at Peace [05:18]
Back Stabbers [03:06]
Who Am I [05:11]
(They Call Me) Mr. Lucky [03:19]
Time To Get Down [02:52]
992 Arguments [06:06]
Listen To The Clock On The Wall [03:46]
Shiftless, Shady, Jealous Kind of People [03:36]
Sunshine [03:42] 10. Love Train [02:58]

CD 4: Billy Paul – 360 Degrees Of Billy Paul

Brown Baby [04:36]
I`m Just a Prisoner [08:05]
It`s Too Late [04:33]
Me and Mrs. Jones [04:45]
Am I Black Enough for You? [05:18]
Let`s Stay Together [06:27]
Your Song [06:32]
I`m Gonna Make It This Time [04:24]

CD 5: Dick Jensen – Dick Jensen

A Penny for Your Thoughts [03:02]
I Don`t Want to Cry [02:49]
Three Cheers to Love [03:27]
Fat Mama [02:14]
New York City`s a Lonely Town [03:07]
32nd Street [02:59]
Going Up On The Mountain [02:53]
Peace of Mind [02:47]
Shall We Gather by the Water [02:32]
Tamika (Come Back Later) [02:57]

CD 6: The Intruders – Save The Children

Save the Children [06:58]
Mother and Child Reunion [04:04]
I Wanna Know Your Name [05:50]
To Be Happy Is the Real Thing [03:28]
I`ll Always Love My Mama [06:37]
Memories Are Here to Stay [03:15]
Teardrops [05:07]
Hang On In There [03:21]


Freddie`s Dead [07:09]
Family Affair [04:21]
Something For Nothing [03:00]
Back Stabbers [06:30]
Lay In Low [03:44]
Poinciana [05:57]

CD 8: Billy Paul – Ebony Woman

Ebony Woman [02:50]
Mrs. Robinson [04:30]
The Windmills Of Your Mind [08:00]
Everyday People [03:55]
Let`s Fall In Love All Over Again [03:50]
Windy [03:50] 7. Psychedelic Sally [02:58]
Traces [04:01] 9. Proud Mary [02:23]

Bonus 12-inch vinyl

A-side: Back Stabbers [03:07]
B-side: Back Stabbers [04:53]