Groovitas, le nouvel album de Nick Van Gelder

Epoque oblige, le batteur Nick Van Gelder vient d’annoncer la sortie de son deuxième album sur son propre label, Vee-Gee Records , via son réseau de fans sur Facebook. L’ancien frappeur de Jamiroquai propose une version CD  de Groovitas, en pré-commande ICI pour la modique somme de £12.95 (env. 14 euros). Vous pouvez en écouter quelques extraits ICI.

1. Such A Feeling 6:00
(van Gelder)

2. Ticataka 5:17
(van Gelder/Madass)
Vocal fx – Monooka
Trumpet solo – Simon Finch

3. Afro Infusion 6:04
(van Gelder)
Piano solo – Carl Hudson
Trumpet solo – Dom Glover
Horn section – Dom Glover, Nichol Thomson, Andrew Ross

4. Get It Right 5:56
(van Gelder/Bedwei)
Vocal – Mazen
Soprano Sax – Jim Hunt

5. Hoya Hoye 4:32
(van Gelder)
Moog Prodigy – Sammuel Yirga
Masinko – Teremage Woretaw

6. Something’s Gotta Give 5:42
(van Gelder/Bedwei/Shallmin)
Vocal – Mazen
Horn section – Dom Glover, Nichol Thomson
Backing vocals – Princess Freesia,

7. Reach Into The Light 6:32
(van Gelder/Arnold)
Vocal – Marcina Arnold
Alto Sax – Finn Peters

8. I Like It 6:20
(van Gelder/Bedwei)
Vocal – Mazen

9. Mercaba 3:30
(van Gelder)

10. Dream Flight 6:21
(van Gelder)
Trombone solo – Bob Dowell
Tenor Sax solo – Ben Somers
Horn section – Bob Dowell, Ben Somers, Jonathan Radford
Backing vocals – Princess Freesia, NvG

11. Moments 4:00
(van Gelder/Bedwei)
Vocal – Mazen Bewei
Horn section – Bob Dowell, Ben Somers, Jonathan Radcliff

12. Just Begun 6:40
(van Gelder)
Piano & Roland JP8000 – Matt Cooper
Horn section – Dom Glover, Nichol Thomson

13. Groovitas 6:29
(van Gelder)
Tenor Sax – Andrew Ross

Communiqué de presse officiel de Nick Van Gelder
Four years on from plaudit winning debut ‘Choose Music’ I’m proud to present a new offering, ‘Groovitas’. 13 tracks of eclectic Jazzfunk! This time round, joined by a multitude of talented friends! Monooka, sublime voice from Transilvania, Mazen, smooth & soulful tones as ever, Marcina Arnold, vocals of true spirit and passion! Also featured are Dub Colossus band mates, Tsedenia Gebremarkos, Sammuel Yirga, & Teremage Woretaw all the way from Addis Ababa! It’s also my great privilege to have many of London’s Jazz elite onboard, Matt Cooper, Jim Hunt, Finn Peters, Dom Glover, Andy Ross, Nichol Thomson, Simon Finch, Ben Sommers, and Bob Dowel. Not forgetting a cameo appearance from ‘hoxxy’ songstress Princess Freesia!
As with last time round I’m not only on drum duties, but play all guitars, bass, percussion, and most keyboards..Rhodes & Moog are stalwarts as ever!
A genre busting mix of instrumental and vocal tunes, with one foot in the 70’s & 80’s, and the other, (…straddling the 90’s!), firmly planted in the here & now! …Befitting!
Included are brand new tracks written in 2012, and some others brought up to date, from demos way back in time…works spanning some 15 years!
Look out for ‘nods’ to, Steely Dan, Curtis Mayfield, Roy Ayers, MAW, Mizzel Brothers, & Grandmaster Flash!
I’m also very excited to announce the album will be released on my own label ‘VeeGee Records’ this time. A fully integrated package from musical inception, production, mastering, artwork, and distribution ALL in house! I’ve spent literally Hundreds of hours to get something I’m 100% proud of out to you! You can be safe in the knowledge your pennies are going direct to artist!