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« Groove Revolution », the ultimate Black Power boxset on CD and Vinyl

Available worldwide on February 9 through Wagram Music, Groove Revolution delivers 60 tracks of mind-blowing jazz, soul & funky music from the 60’s & 70’s. The virtual soundtrack of the Black Power movement selected by the Funk-U Magazine team ! This compilation is available in a 4-CDs boxset and a single LP version (see tracklistings below).

Press release

More than mere music genres, funk and its elder relative soul music are closely related to the political and social aspects of the afro-american history. The 1960 and 70’s Black America musical landscape deeply roots into the cultural zeitgeist of its time, somewhere between politics, fashion, advertising and movies.
Exhilarating like a Martin Luther King speech, hard-hitting like a Malcolm X quote and sexy like a blaxploitation flick starring Pam Grier, this is the soundtrack of the Black Power movement with 60 tracks by Gil Scott-Heron, Cymande, Betty Davis, Fatback, Millie Jackson, Barry White, Darondo, The Brief Encounter, Apple and the Three Oranges, Camille Yarbrough, Little Beaver and more. Say it loud !

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Ultimate tracks and mind-blowing jazz, soul & funky music from the 60’s & 70’s

CD 1 – Heavy Funk & Hard-hitting Street Grooves

1/ Angela Davis We’re Threatening the Oppressors
2/ Gil Scott-Heron The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
3/ Darondo Get Up Off Your Butt
4/ Joe Simon You Don’t Know What You Got
5/ The Fatback Band Yum Yum (Gimme Some)
6/ Cymande Brothers on the Slide
7/ Eugene Blacknell We Know We Have To Live Together
8/ Millie Jackson Two-Faced World
9/ The Propositions Africana
10/ Turner Bros. Sound of the Taurus
11/ Master Plan Inc. Bright Lights, Big City
12/ Mike James Kirkland The Prophet
13/ Apple and the Three Oranges Curse Upon the World
14/ The Whatnauts Why Can’t People Be Colors Too ?
15/ Brother To Brother Chance With You

CD2 – Blaxploitation Vibes

1/ Joe Bataan Shaft
2/ Sounds of the City Experience Getting Down
3/ Don Julian and the Larks Shorty The Pimp
4/ Doris Duke Woman of the Ghetto
5/ Creative Source Who Is He And What Is He To You ?
6/ Millie Jackson I’m Free
7/ S.O.U.L. Love Peace and Power
8/ Don Julian and the Larks Where I’m Comin’ From
9/ Black and Blues A Toast To The People
10/ Willie & West Attica Massacre
11/ HP Riot The Dollar Sign
12/The Rimshots Takin’ It
13/ Herbie Hancock Watermelon Man
14/ Don Julian and the Larks Savage ! (Title Theme)

CD 3 – Funky Women & Soul Protest

1/ Camille Yarbrough Take Yo’Praise
2/ Betty Davis Anti-Love Song
3/ Carla Whitney War
4/ Betty Padgett Sugar Daddy (pt 1)
5/ Lynn Collins Think (About It)
6/ James Brown Night Train
7/ Bobby Williams Funky Superfly (Part 1 & 2)
8/ George Scott My Neighborhood
9/ Darondo Let My People Go
10/ The Whatnauts World
11/ Joe Simon Get Down Get Down
12/ Black Ivory I Keep Asking You Questions
13/ Leon Thomas Welcome to New York
14/ Don Julian Message from a Black Man
15/ Gil Scott-Heron Home Is Where The Hatred Is
16/ Cymande The Message

CD4 – Latin Moods, Spiritual Jazz & Boogie

1/ H. Rap Brown Excerpt From Speech #2
2/ The Brief Encounter The Brief Encounter (Intro)
3/ Seguida Funky Felix
4/ The Fatback Band Mister Bass Man
5/ Mongo Santamaria Black Dice
6/ Gato Barberi Tupac Amaru
7/ Roberto Roena Sing a Simple Song
8/ Malone and Barnes Road Man
9/ The Rimshots A Hot Day in Harlem
10/ Brother to Brother In the Bottle
11/ The Philly Armada Orchestra For the Love of Money
12/ Little Beaver  Concrete Jungle
13/ Manu Dibango Motapo
14/ Barry White Ghetto Letto
15/Timmy Thomas Why Can’t We Live Together

Groove Revolution--simu-LP

Tracklisting vinyle

Face A
1.    The Philly Armada Orchestra « For the Love of Money » (6,30)
2.    Joe Bataan « Shaft » (5,55)
3.    HP Riot « The Dollar Sign » (4,36)
4.    Malone and Barnes « The Road Man » (3,24)
5.    The Rimshots « Takin’It » (3,25)
6.    Cymande « The Message » (4,19)

Face B
1.    Eugene Blacknell « We Know We Have to Live Together » (5,51)
2.    Brother To Brother « Chance With You » (4’50)
3.    Mike James Kirkland « The Prophet » (4,12)
4.    Little Beaver « Concrete Jungle » (4,54)
5.    Manu Dibango « Motapo » (5,27)
6.    Timmy Thomas « Why Can’t We Live Together » (3,32)