Funk Hip-Hop News Sorties Soul

“Funk, Soul & Hip-Hop Diggers“, la série vinyle

Compilée par Olivier Cachin et illustrée par Lazoo, la série Diggers propose trois doubles-vinyles consacrés aux héros – connus et méconnus – du funk, de la soul music et du hip-hop.

Au programme : Funkadelic, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Ohio Players, The Fatback Band, Blowfly, Afrika Bambaataa, Marva Whitney et bien d’autres ! Tracklistings complets ci-dessous (distribution : Wagram Music).

Informations :


  • A1 Funkadelic Can You Get To That
  • A2 Ohio Players Funky Worm
  • A3 Lafayette Afro Rock Band Darkest Light
  • A4 Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes A Chance For Peace
  • A5 All The People Feat. Robert Moore Cramp Your Style


  • B1 Taana Gardner Work That Body
  • B2 Bobby Byrd Back From The Dead
  • B3 Betty Wright Clean Up Woman
  • B4 Little Beaver Funkadelic Sound
  • B5 Timmy Thomas Are You Crazy???
  • B6 Black Ivory I Keep Asking You Questions


  • C1 T-Connection Do What You Wanna Do
  • C2 Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm Funky Mule
  • C3 The Fatback Band Yum, Yum (Gimme Some)
  • C4 The Blowflys Funky In The Hole
  • C5 Uncle Louie Feat. Walter Murphy I Like Funky Music


  • D1 Blowfly Nobody’s Butt But Yours, Babe
  • D2 Margie Lomax God’s Greatest Gift To Man Is A Woman
  • D3 Queen Yahna Ain’t It Time
  • D4 Marva Whitney With Osaka Monaurail I Am What I Am (Part 1 & 2)
  • D5 Joy Fleming Fieber (Fever)


  • A1 Sonny Knight & The Lakers Sugar Man
  • A2 Gloria Ann Taylor Jolene
  • A3 Don Julian & The Larks Shorty The Pimp
  • A4 Foster Sylvers Misdemeanor
  • A5 Florence Miller The Groove I’m In
  • A6 Mac Rebennack & The Soul Orchestra The Point


  • B1 Clarence Reid The Best Part Of A Man
  • B2 Doris Duke Woman Of The Ghetto
  • B3 Gwen McCrae 90% Of Me Is You
  • B4 Helene Smith Help Me To Keep What I’ve Got
  • B5 Teddy Reynolds Ain’t That Soul
  • B6 Miss Lavelle Stop These Teardrops


  • C1 Millie Jackson I Cry
  • C2 The Whatnauts Why Can’t People Be Colors Too?
  • C3 George & Gwen McCrae Mechanical Body
  • C4 Gino Washington Puppet On A String
  • C5 Chet “Poison” Ivey & His Fabulous Avengers Soul Is My Game
  • C6 Betty Padgett Sugar Daddy Pt. 1


  • D1 Brother To Brother In The Bottle
  • D2 Class Get Your Chic Together
  • D3 Latimore Let’s Straighten It Out
  • D4 C.B. & Ten Others With Axes Rosie


  • A1 Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five It’s Nasty (Genius Of Love)
  • A2 Boogie Down Productions The Bridge Is Over
  • A3 Afrika Bambaataa, Zulu Nation & Cosmic Force Zulu Nation Throw Down
  • A4 Nitro Deluxe Journey To Cybotron
  • A5 Tuff Crew My Part Of Town


  • B1 Blowfly Blowfly’s Rap
  • B2 Funky 4 + 1 King Heroin
  • B3 (MC) Rock Lovely One Time Two Time Blow Your Mind
  • B4 Double Trouble Stoop Rap


  • C1 Choice M.C. This Is The « B » Side (True Blue Mix)
  • C2 The Fatback Band King Tim III (Personality Jock)
  • C3 Fly Guy Fly Guy Rap
  • C4 Cybotron Clear
  • C5 Cold Crush Brothers Vs Fantastic Freaks Basketball Throwdown


  • D1 Willie Wood & Willie Wood Crew Willie Rap
  • D2 Hashim We’re Rocking The Planet
  • D3 Maggotron Bass Invaders
  • D4 Cold Crush Brothers Feel The Horns
  • D5 Madam Funkyfly The Crazy Mule Saloon